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Why Is Saying Merry Christmas Offensive-

Now if you do something and feel that it is wrong before you do it, that is God telling you and convicting your heart not to attempt what it is that you were or are planning to do, or later after it is done, you will feel that it was wrong.

Protests followed as pro-Christmas rioting broke out in several cities and for weeks Canterbury was controlled by the rioters, who decorated doorways with holly and shouted royalist slogans.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday..

Why can't I just say Merryto someone I don't know without having to worry about a negative reaction?.

Think what you want about the Bible – that’s fine.It is clear though you have not studied it at all..

What you and others seem to forget is that within the ideology of Islam, a Muslim who kills or is killed in the process of supporting and furthering Islam isbelieved to be rewarded in the next life..

That's only further reinforced by claims on Fox News and other conservative outlets that there is a "war on Christmas" and, by extension, a war on the Christian faith.

unbelievers desist in their unbelief.” [1].

God some people need to stop getting so offended and actually get a life..

Patrick’s Day just so that they can compete with the Irish on the street.

“camel jockey’s) by its own nature, is both bigoted, and anti-Christian.

The trees joined holly, mistletoe, the wassail bowl and the Yule log as symbols of the season.

They offer me everything jolly and merry this time of year, except a Merry Christmas.

After more research, we learn that the shooter in Norway was a member of an extreme sect that has nothing to do with Christianity.In fact, it’s an offshoot of one of the sects of the Roman Catholic Church – the Knights Templar – which is, for some reason, enjoying a type of resurgence in Europe and most likely due to the exponential growth of Islam there..

They have to give up their cultures for me..

Just because he is Jewish, does not mean that he should or he has to celebrate Hanukkah.

We see so much hate preached against homosexuality, yet adulterers like Newt (a multiple offender) get off lightly.

The people you name – Swaggert, Bakker, Robertson, Westboro Baptist Church, and others all certainly seem like the ultimate in hypocrisy.They may well be not truly saved at all, but are merely TARES and will never be WHEAT..

Though Christmas isn’t the only holiday of the month it is treated as such.

I think this country has a good rule in it's constitution, particularly the first amendment.

Grade 3 Students Disciplined For Saying ‘Jesus’ In Front Of Non-Christians.

Your god wants you to die for him, our God has already died for use.

I know, big shocker..

I was impressed, or shocked, by how spectacular it was..

I offer them a "Happy Solstice" or a "Good Yule" in return (or occasionally a "Happy Festivus")..

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