Time and work Formulas Tricks and shortcuts Methods For Solving

Time and work Formulas Tricks and shortcuts. Time and work is the topic of the Aptitude Exam. It is conducted to test the participant’s ability in performing a task .In this Exam they will be given questions from different topics to test the candidates performance at various levels. Difficulty of questions will be at different levels. Aptitude Test is mandatory for all the competitive exams to shortlist the candidates based in their performance in the Exam. Basically aspirants will attend Online Test. Quantitative Aptitude is prepared by the number of contenders preparing for Latest Bank Jobs. They will be given specific time to complete the paper. For scoring maximum marks they have to cover all topics of the Quantitative Aptitude. Topics like Profit and loss, Time and work Problems, Time and distance etc will be there in Aptitude Test. To solve the questions applicants has to learn formulas related to the topic. So that it will take less time to solve the question. Let us take Time and work topic, some questions of this topic can be solved by simple application of suitable Formula. Few questions have to be cracked using Time and work Formulas Tricks and shortcuts methods. Many contestants lose their written exams by scoring fewer marks in this section. Time Management in Aptitude Test is very important in solving the paper.

Time and Work Formulas Tricks and Shortcuts

As said earlier, it is important to qualify in quantitative Aptitude for aspirant to move for further rounds of selection process. Some companies will consider the marks of Quantitative Aptitude along with GK, Reasoning, Logical Thinking etc. Aspirants preparing for competitive exams like Latest Govt Jobs have to concentrate more on this section. Question paper of these exams contains questions in high level.  It takes time for them to solve. So they have to solve using the Formulae related to the question. Here we are discussing the topic Time and Work which is important in Aptitude Test. A person does a piece of work in particular days, the same work can be done by few or more persons in very less days when compared to single person. Basic this concept what time will take for persons to complete the task, questions are framed in this section. These types of Questions will contain in the Examination. Time and Work Formulae can be used for solving simple questions which takes very less time in solving these questions. Question difficulty varies in levels. Some questions require long time in solving. This will waste the time of the contestants. As time management is very important in solving the examination paper in Competitive exam, they must learn Time and work Formulas Tricks and shortcuts in solving the paper. This will save the time to them.  Without getting the exact answers they cannot attempt the questions as they have Negative marking in Competitive Exams. So they must be careful in choosing the answers.

Time and Work Problems and Important Formulae

In this topic, questions will be divided into three types. Finding out piece of work done by man in a day, number of days taken by a man to complete the piece of work and Time taken by the number of people to complete the piece of work. They are as follows

a)    Work from Days

This type of question is asked to find out the work done by a person in a day if he does a piece of work in that single day.

b)   Days from work

Questions to find out the number of days a person takes to complete the piece of work.

c)    Ratio

This type of question will be asked in terms of Ration. Comparing the work done by individuals in terms of Ratio. To find out the time taken by both individually to complete the work and the piece of work can be done when both work together.

By using these three, Time and Work Formulae are framed. This will helps the applicants to solve the Questions and the applying the related formula to the question. Time and Work Problems can be solved by using the desired formula for the suitable question.

Time & Work Formulas

Problems On Time & Work

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