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Partnership Shortcuts Tricks. As we all know, Quantitative Aptitude plays major role in the Success of candidate in any competitive exam. An aspirant who is preparing for the Govt jobs or any other job has to spend much time in preparing this section. When compared to other sections, QA consists of number of topics to be prepared. They have to prepare thoroughly all the topics to gain maximum marks in the exam. Now –a -days, participants have to clear written test in getting job which includes Aptitude test. They have to qualify this round to go to further rounds. Contestants preparing for Latest Bank jobs requires much hard work on this section. Time Management has to be done by the candidate while clearing this test. Here we are discussing about one of the topics in Aptitude Test i.e. Partnership. It is one of the important and simple topics of Quantitative Aptitude. Here we let you know the Partnership Shortcuts Tricks to score more marks in the exam. By using this, they can solve the questions much easy. Time can be saved by the contestants and concentrate more on tough questions. It has very simple calculations and one of the easy topics of the Quantitative Aptitude. Problem solving skills can be improved by them. Partnership Aptitude Problems With Answers can be expected in the competitive exams like CAT, ICET and GMAT etc.

Partnership Shortcuts Tricks

Aptitude Test is conducted in the Quantitative exam to know the Time Management of the student. Maximum number of students loses their marks in this section with shortage of time. So solving problems in less time is very important. Contestants who maintain Time Management in Aptitude Test will achieve success in the exam. They have to set time for questions. By time limit they can attempt the questions in the correct manner. First they have to solve the easy questions and then move on to tough questions. So that in short time, more number of questions can be solved. Partnership Shortcuts Tricks helps the contestant to solve the paper in short time. It takes very less time in solving the questions. As Practice makes man perfect, they have to solve the model questions daily. By this they can improve their performance in the exam. This makes them to solve the Question paper in time.  Partnership Aptitude problems can be solved by them easily if they understand the concept.

Partnership Aptitude Problems

Candidates does not find much difficult in solving problems from this topic. As it is very easy topic. By understanding the concept of the topic itself problems can be solved. They have to understand the question first and then problem solving can be started. They have to aware of the basic topics to solve Partnership Aptitude Problems. This shortcuts and tricks are for the students who feel hard in solving problems. They have to understand the complete subject and can start solving the problems using Partnership Shortcut Method Tips and Tricks. Candidates preparing for the Competitive exams have to utilize this topic to achieve success in this exam.


Persons involving more than two or more in managing a business and those persons can be called as partners.  And the trade being done by them is known as Partnership.

Working Partner:

A Person by whom the business is being managed is known as working partner

Sleeping Partner:

The person who invests only money in the business is called as sleeping partner

Partnership Formulas

Problems On Partnership

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