Inequalities shortcuts tricks Reasoning Aptitude Problems

Inequalities shortcuts tricks. This is the topic appears in the Aptitude test.  Students learn these topics basics in their school days. But while coming to competitive exams they have to solve tough questions. They have to learn all topics in the Quantitative Aptitude to qualify in this section. Every aspirant has to thorough in all the topics of this section, as they have to appear for exam to get Jobs. Aptitude section is mandatory for all the jobs in Private Company and especially entrance exams. Candidates preparing for the latest Bank jobs have to solve tough questions from some topics. They have to practice more for solving the question paper in time. Here we are discussing the topic Inequalities. This topic includes algebraic questions. Inequalities are the very easy topic in Aptitude test. Even though we have provided the Inequalities shortcuts tricks for better score in the exam. Competitive Exams are conducted for the aspirants to check their skills at time management. Aspirants have to solve the paper on given time. Thus for some topics direct application of formula is required and for some topics shortcuts are required. Inequalities Aptitude problems have to be solved by solving the equations.

Inequalities shortcuts tricks

Quantitative Aptitude is the very important subject to learn for the candidates preparing for the Govt Jobs. Competitive exams like Bank jobs contain major questions from this subject. Rest from General Knowledge, current affairs and English Grammar. Aspirants preparing bank jobs have to concentrate more this section. As they have to answer number of question from different topics in given time. Thus they have to learn shortcut tricks to save time in the exam. By this they can attempt every question of the exam paper. Participants have to understand the concept of each and every topic. They can solve the questions easily by getting an idea on the question.  Previous year solved papers of the bank exams have to be practiced daily. This will make them to solve the paper in given time. Thus Time Management in Aptitude test is important to qualify in this job. Thus they have to learn to solve this topic using Inequalities shortcuts tricks. As soon as they sit for exam, contestants have to solve the easy questions first. Later they can solve tough questions.

Inequalities Tips and Tricks For problems

Contestants have to start learning the topics with basics. Without this they cannot understand the questions. Variables and consonants are the important concepts of this topic basing on which questions are framed. They can be solved using Inequalities Tips and Tricks. Not only this, but every topic in the Quantitative Aptitude section can be solved by using this method. We can expect these questions in the Reasoning Section of Aptitude test. Inequalities Problems will be in this form as follows.


It is an alphabetic character which represents the number. Equation can be created by this and is represented by variables x, y and z

Ex:  5x+7y = 25 is a variable


It is a number which has fixed value in context and cannot be changed.

Ex:  5x+ 7y= 25 here 5, 7, 25 are constant value

Quadratic Equation:  It is an algebraic equation in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0 is called a quadratic equation.


x – Unknown number

a, b, c – Known numbers

Linear Equation:  It is an algebraic equation which has one or more variables.  Each term is a constant or the product of single variable and constant.

    One variable: ax= b

 x= b/a

Two variables: y= mx+c

x, y – variables

Inequalities Formulas

Problems on Inequalities

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