HR Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers With Examples

HR Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers. Every candidate appearing for interview will be in dilemma about the questions they would face there. They need to attend the interview after their Resume got selected in initial screening. Concern person of the organisation will intimate the aspirants regarding next step of selection process. Applicants must present at the venue on time along with resume and certificates of their education. Generally, every organization has their own recruitment policy. Number of rounds in an Interview will depend on the position the candidate is being hired for. Commonly there will be Aptitude test, Group Discussion, Technical Interview and HR round.  Participants should clear HR round after getting through all rounds. In few organizations, only HR round is conducted for initial screening. Many face difficulty in getting through HR round. Interviewee or Employer assess the confidence levels of candidates, Communication skills, Body language etc. HR Interview Questions for Freshers are posed to contestant to know his inner personality. To find out whether he/she is suitable to the post they applied. Type of questions varies for Freshers and experienced persons. This final round will be taken by HR of an organisation. Because he is the responsible person on whom the company is depends upon. As employee selected by him plays an important role in development and growth of company. If an efficient person is selected by him it will leads to devastation of organisation. HR knows more about the organisation and its working culture. He/ She is the right person to choose an efficient candidate for right position. HR asks questions number of questions to the contenders to know his efficiency in handling the difficult situations. As candidate may face in their real job. Aspirants have to do attend this round by doing home work on these HR Interview Questions. First and foremost question applicant face in the interview is Tell me about yourself. As the employer wants to ease the candidate by asking easy questions. Contestant can easily answer this question easily. They will easily gain the confidence with these kind of questions at initial process of Interview.

HR Interview Questions Tips

Candidates can know the type of questions he/she should answer in HR round from different sources. Questions regarding their profession and career shall be answered by experienced candidates. Employer will look for genuine answers and confidence from applicant. Freshers will be asked questions on their education, additional skills, subject knowledge if necessary. Here we have provided the interview questions of some organizations. So that applicants will get an idea about the questions. HR Interview Questions and Answers in TCS have given here for the candidates who cleared all previous and waiting to attend for HR round.

1. Introduce Yourself?

Your answer to this question should cover your educational background very briefly. You should talk about your achievements, if any, either in your academic or in work or both.Then you can add a few details about what type of person you are, your likes, dislikes, etc. Giving details about your family background is not compulsory. Before interview frame a good answer and practice in front of a mirror.

2. Why should I take you in TCS?

Whether your interviewer asks you this question explicitly or not, this is the most important question of your interview because he must answer this question favorably in his own mind before you will be hired. So help him out! Walk through each of the positions requirements as you understand them, and follow each with a reason why you meet that requirement so well.

3. Who inspired you to become an Engineer?

Make pre preparation for such questions. Have a few heroes /Leaders of the industry in mind , who have achieved something extraordinary in their life. Know about their life history and mention one such name with his achievements. Mention such qualities /Values that will be highly valuable in your success in the position you are being interviewed.

4. Why should we hire you?

Again, explain that you are very interested in the job and demonstrate what it is about your past experiences, education and qualifications that makes you ideal for the job. Show enthusiasm and support your answers with evidence wherever you can. Elaborate on all the past experiences and skill sets that make you suitable for the job. In cases where your past experience is not directly relevant, you can still find elements of it that can be useful. Play up team skills, computer skills, leadership roles, specific courses and independent research activities that can be useful to the job at hand to show your initiative even where you don’t have directly relevant job experience.

5. Tell me about your dream job?

Be honest. Also mention keywords such as challenging, steep learning curve, good work culture, demanding, rewarding, opportunities for advancement and growth, team environment, opportunity to build and maintain client relationships etc.

6. What is more important to you: the money or the work?

This one will reveal the real you. Money is always important, but the work is the most important. There is no better answer.

7. Who is the founder of TCS?

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata established TATA Group in 1869. However it was under Mr. Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata (JRD Tata), that this group was expanded and hence TCS was established in 1968.  Currently, Cyrus Pallonji Mistry is the chairman of TATA group.

8. Who is the present CEO?

Mr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of the company. If you did not know this basic fact about TCS, then you have not done your homework well. Be ready for such questions.

Aspirants have to know about the organisation and their recent achievements. What kind of services it is into. It is very important for a candidate to know each and every aspect of company in which they have applied for job. Here are some more different HR Interview Questions and Answers in Infosys

1. What is the right skill required to get a job?

  • Creative
  • Mindset
  • Spirit of innovation
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Sense of responsibility

“Ensuring that one has these skills is the way to excel in a job”

Questions in interview were based on the things mentioned in resume

  1. Tell me your strengths which can also be your weakness?
  2. Tell me the details of the project you have done?
  3. Why did you take this project?
  4. Which courses have you enjoyed the most? The least? Why?
  5. How do you expect a mechanical engineering graduate can learn and work in Software Company/
  6. Why did you Select IT?
  7. What u would be if not an IT engineer?

Special Tip: One of the secrets to effectively answering interview questions is to keep your responses short and sweet…30 to 60 seconds max. If your interviewer wants more information, they’ll ask you. Providing too much information, or talking in circles, puts you at risk of being rejected. The 2 reasons candidates talk too much are nervousness, and not preparing for a job interview.

HR person will come to know by your answers and appearance in the interview whether you have prepared for interview or not. By prior preparation applicants can easily answers the questions with confidence.

HR Interview Questions for Experienced

  • Why did you resign from your previous job?

As I started building my career in my previous organization I’m very thankful to them because if improved three strong skills. Punctuality, teamwork and adaptability. Now the reason why I had left the job is I’m looking for better opportunity and new challenges in life and I hope this company provide me a better platform to improve professionally and financially.

  • Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized?

I am an optimistic person. There were situations in the earlier stages of my career I was criticized for the mistakes I made. But I took it as a constructive feedback, learnt to do the job better the next time. When I joined my first job, I found my job a bit confusing.But I quickly learnt and perfected the job. Later I became the team leader and gave training to the new comers.

  • What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?

The toughest challenge which I faced was when I was given a responsibility of a particular project which I had to finish in a particular deadline so I worked in and out to make sure that I completed that particular project within the stipulated deadline so that it can create a positive outlook of me in front of my management

  • Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?

I cannot earned the money without thinking about knowledge skill and experience, money is very important but if earning more money at this stage of my career, it’s just a short term that we can get it. Moreover if we have a good or professional experience and skill, money will come to us for long term then we will have a bright future.

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