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Wir bedanken uns für die Zusammenarbeit und wünschen Ihnen/Dir frohe Festtage und ein gutes neues Jahr-.

18) My New Year’s resolution is to stick to a good workout plan that will keep me healthy and happy.

In the pronunciation guide for all the Irish Gaelic phrases below I have left 'ch' as is.

However, the word “noce” itself comes from the same Proto-Indo-European root as German “Nachten” (and English “nights”), so the Czech/Slovak and German expressions are essentially etymologically equivalent..

Christmas is not an African festival but it was adopted into many cultures after the European invasion by former colonial masters Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain who imposed the Christian religion on the traditional people..

But these, too, are Western cultural imports.

It’s also traditionally the day when women must avoid all housework, and the men of the house stay home, take down decorations (it’s bad luck if you don’t!) and prepare all the meals..

You can find all ....

It's along the shores of Lough Derg.

Irish Gaelic Phrases And Expressions

Some people light candles to signify symbolic hospitality for Mary and Joseph.

christmas celebration christmas eve christmas tree christmas song christmas light merry christmas christmas ….

You need to look this up on Wikipedia.

Null-eg hunna gwitch, ogg-us ah-vlee-on fwee vash-ah gwitch..

As you can see, it is basically just the English phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ written using the Korean alphabet..

Our Bitesize Irish program features extensive phonetic pronunciations of Irish..

This hugely popular program which follows Santa’s sleigh progress via U.S.

They are referred to as Scandinavian or the North Germanic branch that stems from the Germanic family. .

They also have round cake full of caraway seeds.

A Near-Extinct Language Finds a Home in One Brooklyn Building

In Ireland there are three key dialects, in the North (Ulster), West (Connaught) and South (Munster).

Traffic (sheep) jam in Ireland.

For a few hours only, I revisited my old, pleasure-seeking life.

I haven’t gotten the opportunity to look over all of the info you have yet.

How To Pronounce ‘Merry Christmas’ In Slavic Countries Of ...

Learn to say Happy Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

 Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!.

If you'd like to jump into learning to speak Irish today, click here to start your free trial of the learning program.

Nollaig shona dhuit! Null-eg hunna gwitch! Merry Christmas! That audio comes straight from our Bitesize Irish online course of Bitesize lessons..

You can find them online posted on poetry sites..

It's a beautiful spot in Ireland.

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Here’s how to say Happy Christmas in Irish..


Irish people spend more and more money each year on celebrating Christmas.

He then convinces himself of a new truth and, eager for your approval, reports the version that he knows will make you happy.

Our blog serves as regular motivation for you to speak the Irish language.

It means literally 'Kiss my ass' but can be used as 'Get out of it' when you think somebody is trying to pull the wool over your eyes or when you get annoyed with them..

Come December 8th, Christmas officially begins in Ireland.

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