Happy Ugadi 2016 Images Whatsapp fb Status SMS Messages

Happy Ugadi 2016 Images Whatsapp fb Status SMS Messages. This Hindu festival is celebrated in Telugu states to welcome the New Year. In India there are different states and everyone has their new year which is celebrated on different dates. Like New Year is celebrate as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu and Vishu in Kerala etc. With this New Year is started in these states and is celebrated traditionally with rituals all over the states. Ugadi in Telugu states falls on 8th April in this year 2016 with the name ‘Sri Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara’. Every year it arrives in March or April and is celebrated with great joy. Happy Ugadi 2016 Images Whatsapp fb Status. A variety of dishes are prepared on this day and without ‘Ugadi Pachadi’ this festival is incomplete. People exchange food and Pachadi with neighbours wishing this year brings good luck for them. Ugadi Quotes in Telugu will be send to near and dear ones by SMS or Mail. They take oil bath on this auspicious day, wear new clothes and perform pooja. They decorate their house entrance with Mango leaves and flowers. On this day festival is incomplete without Ugadi Pachadi.

Happy Ugadi 2016 Images Whatsapp fb Status SMS Messages

Happy Ugadi 2016 images and Wall papers

The different tastes in that will represent experiences in human life and it is a combination of Shadruchulu or 6 tastes like sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness and spicy. Ugadi Pachadi recipe has its own significance and is prepared with Jaggery, Neem Flowers, Tamarind, Salt and Chilli powder. These are mixed in equal quantities to accept happiness, sadness, disgust, fear and anger equally in life. Each ingredient represents each of these qualities respectively and this is prepared in new pot made of red mud. Ugadi Best Wishes 2016 will be said between relatives, family member and friends by exchanging Ugadi Pachadi and sweet or spicy dishes made especially on this day. Any visitor will now allow go until they are served this ugadi pachadi.

Happy Ugadi 2016 Images Whatsapp fb Status SMS Messages

This year Ugadi is celebrated in different states of south India on 8th  but the way of celebrating this Hindu festival is different from state to state. All people will be in their traditional attire to welcome this New Year with joy and happiness. By serving ugadi pachadi they wish to each other and family members from small to big gather in their home and listen Panchanga Sravanam. Happy Ugadi 2016 Images Whatsapp fb Status. Astrologers predict the Horoscope in this New Year and the Panchanga Sravanam importance have to be known to all as it will reveal how the coming year would be as per their Zodiac Sign and Birth star. Like this Ugadi is enjoyed in every house in all over the state.

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