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From My House To Yours Merry Christmas-

Christmas Eve is my Christmas, so I’m signing off now.

Saturday, December 22, 2012.

Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard.For example, the lines "It may be your last / Next year we may all be living in the past" became "Let your heart be light / Next year all our troubles will be out of sight".

What a treasure to find so many years later…and that you’ve made it happen is so inspiring! I’d almost say that your house in the picture is on a hill…hmmm..

Many are looking forward to hear from you and your amazing products and speaking engagements for 2009.

Finding myself through living my life for the first time or just my boring, absurd thoughts.

5 days ago 5 days ago.

Dec 26, 2018I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone on here a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Thank you for joining us at Crafty Gals Corner for our Anything Goes challenge..

Merry Christmas..have a safe and fun filled holiday season..

I did (and will) thank you very much and I wish the same for you also!.

#10.A Silk OrganzaPressing Cloth?You Must be Kidding Right#11.Making You Own Fusible Stay Tape.

This will be my first Christmas in a fully functional and mostly finished house..

Happy New Year, Ros! I am sure you had a blast partying with friends and family last holidays.

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[…] Christmas wishes from my house to yours ( […].

All I want to say is thank you for your help in guiding thousands of us in our journey on the road to riches.

Thank you Mr.

Parks & Gardens in London, Suffolk, & abroad.

Do you think that could be arranged? :-).

it’s adorable and I’d love to know the story of from whence it came.And I think Rose Mikulski had a wonderful suggestion – when you get to missing having quilters around — a quilt camp in the barn for those of us who never made it to one.

Even though I was/am a maniacal multitasker (like the whole world these days, ugh!) I somehow knew to cultivate that alone time/quiet time, hours of contemplation.

We bad.".

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!.

I wish you and all your family a very happy Christmas!.

Dec 27, 2014Merry Christmas to you and yours (with a nice pat to all the pets) and here’s to an exceptional new year! Rhoda Ebersole December 24, 2014 at 12:22 pm Merry Christmas to you all in your lovely decorated home..

Thank you so much for your cooperation..

I tried a “better” rain chain that had large chains and small cups and all it did was splatter water everywhere except into the drain where the thing was actually supposed to carry the water..

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Beautiful cardinal and card.

Love the farmhouse!The decorations are perfect.Reminds me of my grandparents farm in Il..

You are such a blessing and I look so forward to getting your emails and see what you have been doing.Thank you.

Ah!That’s a gorgeous tree – and window too!Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!.

Prepare yourself to embrace the best of this year.

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