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When do katara and zuko kiss|For The Love Of The Avatar: Aceofgallifrey — LiveJournal

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‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Still Has Many Lessons to ...

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Zuko and katara fanfiction - 2020-03-28,Hawaii

“You appear to have things all set,” a snarky voice stated from the shadows.NOW, Zuko respected Katara.Those fears were dashed when Zuko leaned down and reached out his hand.

That helpless daughter can bloodbend now, so how could she let a chance at revenge go? Aang recognized the gravity of the situation, and gave Katara the space to spiral through her quest for vengeance so she could make peace with Yon Ra on her own terms.As the fandom-elected captain of the Zutara ship, Basco has honored us with a host of Zutara-themed poetry and merchandise.But because of the massive possibilities this story has, I’ve decided that for this story, I’ll be putting up a list of Zuko’s starting harem and the girls he gathers throughout his journey.

I would have been lost if it weren’t for my uncle and Yokubo.

Zuko saves katara - 2020-03-12,Idaho

She is a hot bombshell of a woman in very tight clothing.Still, Katara couldn’t help but feel like she’d still like to see if she could at least get Zuko to be interested into her.She pushed and moved her breasts, rubbing as hard as she could against Zuko’s cock while also sucking and moving her head up and down on the upper half.

The next day, Combustion Man had tracked down Aang and the group to the temple.Her body bounded on the bed as Zuko thrust inside her, literally driving her into the bed.Even now, I still don’t know what happened to her, or whether or not she’s even alive or not.” Zuko looked back at Katara, his eyes glistening with confidence.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ve been properly introduced,” Zuko said nonchalantly.Ah, this is cringeworthy.Standing before Zuko was a massive black dragon.

zuko and katara love


Zuko and katara love - 2020-02-27,North Carolina

“Girls, behave yourself,” Zuko said sternly.Katarastays with the earth kingdom Toph goes to see her mother and Aang goes to seethe guru.Toph assessed these factors in the situation when she decided to let the thieves take Appa.

He laughed at Toph's joke about the painting looking perfect to her. Later, during a group ride on Appa, Zuko made Aang promise that if Zuko were ever to start acting like his father, Aang would end his life.When he saw Katara in his reflection he turned on his heel and stalked toward her, undoing his hair as he went.“Not yet my dear,” Zuko whispered into her ear with a husky voice.

“Yes, and now we are here to finish the job,” Zhao said, waving for his four soldiers to step forward.Zuko did indeed like Zone-Tan, for she was different from the others.The acting could have been a little bit better.

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Zuko saves katara - 2020-03-09,Texas

Alexa, play “Riot” by Waka Flocka Flame, because Suki needs a hype-man.Also, Azula does have empathy, she’s just gotten very good at ignoring it in order to survive under Ozai’s abuse.“Oof,” she grunted in pain.

Maybe we can set up an Air Ball court on the ship,” Aang gleamed at Zuko and nodded happily.And here I thought the Southern Water Tribe was extinct.Zuko and his uncle decided to part wayswith the Fire nation.

When he took up the Dao Swords, his father just saw it as a weakness, thinking swords were useless to a bender.Katara was struggling to hold onto the wall as she watched the two teens go at it.Katara uses her healing ability to get Jetsmemory back.

Zuko and katara kiss - 2020-03-01,Texas

This is not the same girl who, in Ba Sing Se, listened to Zuko’s past and almost forgave him for compulsively tracking them around the globe.

zuko vs katara

Do Aang And Katara End Up Together|Is Aang Older Than ...

Zuko saves katara - 2020-05-03,Colorado

On his back he has a scabbard holding a long Dao sword which had the ability to split into two.He is called back to the world he came from in order to ally himself with the Avatar to save it.Zuko was slightly surprised by the statement, but nodded.

“Katara told me.” Sokka grumbled under his breath about his sister.Aside from Zuko's voice actor Dante Basco admitting to having a soft spot for the pairing, no proof of these claims has ever been found online.Eventually, Aang went missing so the group found Iroh.

Her top came off, revealing her breast bindings, just barely on because of the newly engorged bosom.Zuko pulled away, letting him stare at Katara’s lovely face.He found a Water Tribe necklace among the wreckage and deduced that it belonged to Katara, the Water Tribe companion of the Avatar.

Zuko x katara fanfic - 2020-03-13,Alaska

One of the Sages says he can help them and they have no choice but to follow him.He managed to redirect the brunt of the lightning, but he failed to direct it around his heart and fell to the ground, badly injured.However, that is a lie Zuko.

Sometime later, Zuko arrived on a Fire Nation prison rig in the aftermath of a breakout of its earthbending prisoners.The pirates decided that they wanted to sell Aang to the Fire Nation themselves, and the situation quickly escalated into a battle.His large cock stood fully erect, ready to bury itself in Raven’s folds.

He pulled away from Filia’s wet nipple and flipped her over, making it so that her snatch was in his face and her face was right by his cock next to Katara.The Southern Water Tribe was nothing more than a small village of women and children, and one childish looking male teen.Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 1) - Wikiquote.

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