Vehicles Registration Codes for New Telangana State Districts

Vehicles Registration Codes for New Telangana State Districts. Governments of Telangana have announced the new registration of vehicles number plates. The TS govt have earlier issued the notification in changing of number plate after the bifurcation of state 2 years back. Vehicles Registration Codes for New Telangana State Districts have once again proposed by the relevant board. With the formation of new districts Telangana Transport Department have initiated the works to issue new codes for all the vehicles as per the allotted order. Earlier the government has imposed the strict rule to change their vehicle plate numbers from AP to TS due to the separation from its original state. Telangana Vehicles Registration To Change Again is worried by most of the people but there is something better news about the process. There is no change in the existing districts codes. Only the newly formed districts have the necessarily for purpose of changing the registration number which has been provided by the government.

Vehicles Registration Codes for New Telangana State Districts

There were many changes were occurred after the formation of newly formed Telangana state. During its formation they were only 10 districts for which the Vehicles Registration Codes were proposed and the respective changes were made depending based on the area. Now government has proposed 17 more districts for which Vehicles Registration Codes for New Telangana State Districts are going to be released. In this process there will be no changes in the previous systems which have been assigned by the government. Telangana region which has been established in the year 2014 after the long movement of separation. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao mostly popularly known as KCR. He is the 1st chief minister of the state after its formation. Now they have made the planning to increase the districts in the state to 27 for which a cabinet sub-committee have issued the report. New TS Vehicles Codes List can be viewed for knowing about the changes which were made out by the administration unit. As per the imposed orders people need to follow over the rules which were provided by the division.


Telangana Vehicles Registration To Change Again

Telangana vehicle owners need to make the changes of their number plates of each category that has been registered by the government. With this identification of the particular district through the vehicle registration can be made out easily. This proposal is yet to be approved and the official announcement regarding Telangana Vehicles Registration To Change Again need to be made. For grasping the higher effective details all the users can visit the for gearing the related information about the process that has to be followed up. Transport Commissioner Sandeep Kumar Sultania has made the note about the decision which is not confirmed till now. Telangana State New Vehicle Registration Codes will be started up from 17 series. As the earlier list was till 16 numbers out of them 9 to 14 were given for the Hyderabad District. The process has not yet started and the government expecting for the soon results to make the better changes of them. Based on the notice the image has been illustrated by us any further changes in the information will be modified very soon.

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