Telangana New District Names 2016 Download 26 Districts List Pdf

Telangana New District Names 2016 Check TS Map Download 26 Districts List in Pdf. Government of TS has newly provided the information regarding the list of New districts in Telangana and that was presently obtained in our portal. Our TS state before it was existed with only 10 districts after having the partition it is consisted with 27 districts. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao who is the shortly called as KCR he is the first chief minister of Telangana State. Along with our CM sir other cabinet ministers have decided to bring the new change in the current state for that they collaborated the districts into parts and check in the List of New Districts in Telangana and identify the names. More extra 16 districts were added in the count and they are trying to overcome all the issues occurring in the districts. To find all Telangana New District Names 2016 you have to locate to our official portal because we have presented the official list in the pdf. People who are living in these districts they are happier that some change is going to appear in our state. After the bifurcation of the two states lot of people felt happy and some problems were attacked in our state. To overcome those our chief Minister KCR has decided to divide the districts into various parts and those also will stand as the district.

Telangana New District Names 2016

KCR, the current chief minister of Telangana is going to produce the list of all the district names and they are going to declare it after completion of Dussehra. So everyone is excited about the List of New Districts in Telangana and they are eager to see their village name in that particular list. For taking the decision about the Telangana New District Names 2016 lot of political parties and the district collectors have opposed it and they did not approve it. So they combined them and took the meeting for several hours and all the cabinet ministers of Telangana explained the details about the use of new districts. Then they all agreed for his decision and he is planning to make green city for all the districts as he recently implemented the Telangana Ku Haritha Haram Scheme. This created a sensation in all the districts and even in the states since for this lot of people had done their best by planting the saplings and plants in the nearby areas. TS New Districts Map can be seen in the official page of government site and here you can observe the total district names along with the old district.

List of New Districts in Telangana Download

Telangana New District Names 2016. People who are living in Telangana got a good news that Our CM KCR sir is going to announce the List of New Districts in Telangana on the day of Dussehra. This is going to create the intention for all the people in knowing the names of it so check each and every district along with the mandals list in our portal. To introduce Telangana New District Names 2016 he struggled hard by answering all the political parties of the state and lot of members have been given the support for placing the names in the Telangana New 26 Districts Map. Recently they have prepared the list of all the places in pdf so who need to get this information they could refer it and recognizing the total New district names list in Telanganga State. In future we are going to face the changes occurring in state so let us hope the best and try to be a part in changing the society.

Steps To Download TS New 26 Districts List in Pdf

  1. First of all open the official page
  2. Select the New Districts Details section
  3. In that find the TS New Districts Data
  4. Click on Pdf download button
  5. Finally take the copy and check the names

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