alloy steel 8620

alloy steel 8620

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Alloy Steel 8620 Principal Design Features. AISI 8620 is a hardenable chromium, molybdenum, nickel low alloy steel often used for carburizing to develop a case-hardened part. This case-hardening will result in good wear characteristics. Applications.

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Alloy steel 8620 is a case-hardening steel containing nickel, chromium and molybdenum as alloying elements. The alloy shows good strength and toughness properties, and has a higher core strength than grades 8615 and 8617. Applications.

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AISI 8620 Steel Supply Range. 8620 Round Bar: diameter 8mm – 3000mm. 8620 Steel Plate: …

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AISI 8620 alloy steel is a common, carburizing alloy steel. This alloy steel is flexible during hardening treatments, thus enabling improvement of case/core properties. The following datasheet will provide more details about AISI 8620 alloy steel. Chemical Composition.

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Alloy 8620 is a low carbon case hardening alloy that features a hard case with a tough ductile core which experiences minimal distortion during heat treatment, this alloy steel provides a combination of toughness, hardness, strength and impact performance not found in lower grade carbon steels.

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8620 is a low nickel - chromium - molybdenum medium hardenability, case hardening (carburizing) steel, generally supplied in the as rolled condition with a maximum brinell hardness of 280 (Rc30).Characterised by good core strength and toughness in small to medium sections with case hardness up to Rc62 when carburized, hardened and tempered.8620 ...

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Alloy > 8620 The 8620 CD alloy steel contains a case hardening alloy that may be used where high surface strength, a tough ductile core, and excellent wear characteristics are needed. It provides relatively low distortion during heat treatment and safe hardening over a wide hardness range.

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8620 - Alloy Steel Cold Forged Rod. 8260 Alloy Steel Cold Finish Rod/Bar is frequently used for automotive and engine production industries. If offers high external strength and good internal strength, making it highly wear resistant.

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Alloy Steel 8620, also sold as AISI 8620, is a hardenable, carburizing, low alloy steel. This alloy offers users outstanding flexibility, wear resistance, as well as …

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8620 - Alloy Steel Cold Forged Rod; 8620 - Hot Roll Alloy Steel Rod

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Utilize the heat-treatable 8620 cold-finished alloy steel when excellent weldability and wear resistance, good toughness and ductility are desired, with only moderate machinability needed. Ideal for applications such as fasteners, bearings, gears, shafts and other machine parts.

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Superior Steel Alternative to. 8620 Alloy Steel. Pennsylvania Steel Corporation offers an alternative to SAE 8620 alloy steel. We produce FLEXOR®. steel to be superior in its chemistry, performance, and mechanical properties to 8620 alloy steel.. Taking this into account, it is suitable and can be utilized in most of the same applications as 8620 alloy steel: Automotive, Oil and Gas Drilling ...

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8620 Cold Finished Alloy Steel Round has extreme surface hardenability, good machinability & good internal strength. We can cut to any size to suit your needs.

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Alloy Steel 8620 Grade Summary: Nickel imparts good toughness and ductility, chromium and molybdenum contribute increased hardness penetration and wear. They are readily carburized and the well-balanced alloy content permits hardening to produce a strong, tough core and high case hardness.

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Alloy 8620 is a hardenable chromium, molybdenum, nickel, low alloy carburizing steel developed for case-hardening. Through case-hardening it develops good wear characteristics. Through case-hardening it develops good wear characteristics.

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8620 Alloy Steel A case-hardening alloy plate that is used where high strength and excellent wear characteristics are needed, and where a tough ductile core is required. Relatively low distortion and growth during heat treatment and safe hardening over a wide range are advantages of this grade.

AISI 8620 Alloy Steel Bars, 21NiCrMo2, 1.6523, UNS G86200› Alloy Steel Round Bars & RodsProduct Description Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers of 21NiCrMo2 / 8620 Alloy Steel Round Bar (1.6523, UNS G86200) SAE-AISI 8620 is an alloy of iron, further classified as a low-alloy steel. 8620 is the SAE-AISI designation for this material. 1.6523 is the EN numeric designation.

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