extrusion heat sink

extrusion heat sink


HeatsinkUSA supplies heatsinks in smaller quantities that are not available from larger manufacturers, as well as larger production orders, both at great prices.Contact · 7.984 **** New · Round · Serrated Fin · Machine Work · SSR Heatsink

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Extruded heat sinks are the most common heat sinks used for thermal management today. They are manufactured by pushing hot aluminum billets through a steel die to produce the final shape.

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Heat Sink Extrusions Extrusion Heat Sinks & Profiles for Cost Effective Cooling Solutions. ATS offers a wide variety of ultra-performance straight fin, slant fin, and pin fin extruded heat sinks.

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We supply Aluminium products in China and abroad we are not just selling our products we are selling service and solutions.

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Heat sinks are used to dissipate heat from hot surfaces by increasing the surface area that is in contact with cooling fluid or air. From extruded heat sinks to bonded fin heatsinks, we can bring greater value in your heat sink solutions that you may be challenged to find with other suppliers.

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Huge In-Stock Inventory of Extruded Heat Sinks. Call Today!

Extruded Aluminium Heat-Sink – HOONLY Aluminium Profile

haluminium› Customized Aluminium ProfileHoonly Extruded Aluminium Heat Sinks provide a greater range of natural convection solutions for higher power components and systems. Complex fin structures can …

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ebay› Search› aluminum extrusion heat sinkFind great deals on eBay for aluminum extrusion heat sink. Shop with confidence.

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ebay› Search› heat sink extrusionFind great deals on eBay for heat sink extrusion. Shop with confidence.

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ATS offers over 100 in-stock, high-performance, straight fin extrusion profiles used for heat sink fabrication and other aluminum applications. An extensive inventory of profiles, all available through Digi-Key, come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 254 mm to 300 mm in length, 6 mm to 188 mm in width, and 4 mm to 40 mm in height.

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Custom heat sinks and aluminum extrusion production since the 1950's. Our focus has always been to provide superior customer service in the small run custom heat sink arena. Located in Brea, CA, USA, our custom and new extrusion turn-around lead time is very competitive.

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Extrusion Heat Sink Suppliers. View Details. About Us. ACG Cooler International Limited is a company that focuses on all kinds of heat- sinks and relating hardware. We have been committed to helping our customers to solve thermal issues and provide the best thermal solutions by selling standard parts and customized parts.

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China's top-quality Heat Sink, Extrusion Heatsink, Skived Heatsink, Forged Heatsink Design manufacturer and supplier. If you're looking for high quality heat sink, welcome to check price with Pioneer Thermal Technolgy.

Custom Extruded Heat Sink - Plate Fin or Cross Cut Heatsinks

Custom Extruded Heat Sinks Extrusion is the most cost effective manufacturing method in producing plate fin and cross cut heat sinks. Both the tooling and unit price are the lowest among all mass production processes.

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Stock Heat Sink Extrusion Dies – Over 260 to Choose From If you don’t already have a design of your own, browse our catalog of over 260 heat sink shapes. These shapes are extruded at our partner facilities in Bangalore, India.

Extrusion Profile Heat Sinks | Advanced Thermal Solutions

Aluminum extrusions are the most cost-effective solutions for the majority of electronic cooling applications. ATS offers a wide variety of aluminum profiles used for heat sink fabrication and other aluminum applications.

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wellste› Heat sinkWellste Heat Sinks Aluminum Extrusion using the latest innovative cooling technology, well-received by our customers.If our Standard Heat Sink Aluminum Extrusions are not suitable for you, you can provide us your samples or drawings, we can open mould for your special requirements.

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High performance heat sinks and thermal solutions, including cold-forged, extruded, die-cast, plate fin or pin fin heatsinks and custom heat sinks.[PDF]


Extruded Heat Sinks 47 EXTRUDED HEAT SINKS FOR POWER SEMICONDUCTORS High-Performance Heat Sinks for 30-100W Metal Power Semiconductors Need maximum heat dissipation from a TO-3 rectifier heat sink in

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In today’s compact designs, relatively fragile power semiconductors generally require a one-piece aluminum extruded heat sink to limit their temperature rise and prevent premature failure. Methode’s standard tooled extrusion heat sinks satisfy a broad range of semiconductor cooling needs, and can be used for most industry-standard ...

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A wide range of products are available from 5mm to 5000mm in length, and 5mm to 450mm in width at competitive prices. Applications include from heavy duty power module and …

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Extruded Heat Sink. An extruded heat sink is used mainly to increase the surface area available for heat transfer from high-power semiconductor devices, thus reducing a given semiconductor’s external case temperature, as well as its internal junction temperature.This allows the semiconductor devices to perform at their highest level, with maximum reliability.


For high-performance applications, the heat sink design may require high fin densities; Simply Products can in many instances push extrusions with aspect ratios to 14:1. If the application requires a large heat sink, Simply Products can have extruded many shapes beyond 10 inches diagonals.

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