Happy Dussehra 2016 Wishes HD Images Greetings Quotes

Happy Dussehra 2016 Wishes HD Images Greetings SMS Messages Whats App DP and Quotes. Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami remind every time that victory over the evil power. Here is some of the pictures and messages which are below for your beloved once to send them Happy Dussehra 2016 Wishes. It is the most important festival which is being celebrated every year in the month of September or October. The history reminds that truth wins over the unnatural powers. It is originated from the Sanskrit language which means Ravana’s defeat. This Day made the mark remember that Goddess Durga’s victory over the demon Mahishasura. They fought for the nine days and on the tenth day she defeated the evil. It symbolizes the Vijayadashami on this Particular day. Diwali the festival of lights is being celebrated on twenty days after the Dussehra. The significance of the festival is nine days Durga Puja will be performed in temples and individually in their house as NavaRatri by the culmination of the tenth day as Dussehra.  One can send the Dussehra HD Images and Greetings to their family and friend wishing them wealth and prosperity. It is the incredible festival which is being celebrated from the past many years from our ancestors. After the performing of the Goddess Durga Puja on the 11th day, people will do immersion of the idol.

Happy Dussehra 2016 Wishes

Every year this festival will come in spring season which is the month of September or October. It is joy and colorful festival to bring the Goddess Durga to their homes. It vibrates the positive energy for the nine days who perform the puja with greatly desired intentions. On this occasion, one can share their Happy Dussehra 2016 Wishes for the loved one’s who are far from them. Many of them will celebrate this festival as per their known facts and methods but the history remains the same and it taught us the same things. The celebration goes differently from compared to state wise where some them will make the idol of Mahishasura who was killed by Goddess Durga and make into ash by her Kalika Roop. Well wishers can send their views and wishes to their beloved one with Dussehra HD Images and Greetings which symbolizes of the happiness towards success. The history also reminds that on this particular day Ram Killed Ravana who is with ten headed man. With source details from the Epic of Ramayana Ram was invoked Durga who gave the secret for awareness of killing the evil Ravana. For theses ten days the goddess is decorated in different aspects with namely Bala Tripura Sundari, Mahishasura Mardhini, Annapoorna, Kali, Raja Rajeshwari, Kanaka Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Gayatri Devi. Those who are looking for the best wishes which are conveyed from their heart can look for Dussehra SMS Messages in the web world and get the more details from the related links.


Dussehra HD Images and Greetings

In Telangana State, this festival is being celebrated by taking blessing from elders and giving them Jammi Tree for which the puja is performed at the temple for ten days. Every day special appearance of the goddess will make and gives the positive strength to the devotees. The rituals are performed by the devotees from the fast many years and puja will be continued for the next coming years too. One can make the Happy Dasara Quotes for Whats App DP for smart way to convey the messages to their loved one. One can send their Happy Dussehra 2016 Wishes to their loved one’s and get their conquest and assets in their life. It is known that this festival is being celebrated lavishly in the Mysore city where they completed this procession for 400 years on 2010 calendar year. One need send Dussehra HD Images and Greetings for the family members who are far but closer to their heart. One can also find the interesting facts and information this festival on the internet which enhances the knowledge about the history.


Happy Dasara Quotes for Whats App DP

•    Dussehra is the festival of truth over evil

•   Best Wishes For you and Your Family for the major Vijayadashmi Festival

•   May God Gives you the New Heights

•   A time for celebration, A time for victory of good over bad,

•   A time when world see the example of power of good.

•   Let us continue the same “true” spirit.

•   An auspicious day to start with any good work..

•   It was today that good won victory..

•   over bad May this day clear all..

•   hurdels of your life and start..

•   new era of well being

•   Happy Dussehra.

•   May this Dasara,

•   light up for you.

•   The hopes of Happy times,

•   And dreams for a year full of smiles!

•   Wish you Happy Dasara.

•   On this auspicious occasion,

•   I wish the colour, bliss and beauty

•   Of this festival

•   Be with you through the year!

•   Happy dasara

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